The "Jenkins Radiovisor" could be the 1st de- vice of its kind to become supplied towards the common public. In its cabinet form, the receiver will not be a far cry in the ordinary sound receiver, plus the two instruments should be linked in circuit when the radioist wishes to view also as hear.

The televisor is marked by its simplicity and is distinctive from any similar apparatus ever developed. Its building tends to make doable speedy, quantity production. The principal components are a scanning drum, a imitation audemars piguet watches . c. audemars piguet fake watches motor, four-segment ring, a four-target neon tube, and also a reflecting mirror.

The most important aspect, even so, could be the ingenious scanning drum. It consists of two hollow cylinders, the bigger about 7 inches in diameter, along with the smaller just huge enough to accommodate a four-element neon tube. The modest cylinder is actually the hub to the larger, and also the connecting spokes are strong quartz rods which connect liny holes in the rim and the hub. You'll find 48 such rods and they serve to transmit rays of light by means of an aperture in the wooden cabinet and onto the overhead reflecting mirror.

The particular neon tube has targets about one-quarter of an inch square, also as a typical element which runs parallel for the inclosing glass wall. Each and every of these targets supplies the pulsating light flashes to corresponding series of apertures in the drum, which rotates on a direct shaft from the motor at 3,600 r. p. m.

The other side of the motor attaches to a gear which reduces the speed in the connecting shaft to one-fourth that from the drum, or 900 r. p. m. At this end of the shaft is the brush-contact disc located on other tv receivers. The function of this brush is usually to rotate in step having a scanning disc at the transmitting finish. It connects the circuit, 1 following the other, by way of four wires which attach themselves to the 4 targets inside the neon tube. The brush disc has 4 segments and is in speak to with two brushes. 1 brush keeps continuous electrical get in touch with, while the other completes the circuit intermittently.

The reflecting mirror is mounted at an angle of 45 degrees. The image is enlarged by an ordinary magnifying glass about 10 inches in diameter. The input posts of the radiovisor are connected for the last audio amplifier tube of a receiver.

RADIOVISION for All (Jan, 1929)



RADIO-MOVIES for everybody will be the purpose toward which T. Francis Jenkins, Washington Inventor, fake audemars piguet watches has been functioning. best fake breitling watches Mr. Glassman, author of this article, was present in the 1st demonstration of Mr. Jenkins' Radiovisor.

THE 1st tv broadcasting station, 3XK, Washington, D. C, operated three times weekly at 8 p. m. for the advantage of American Radio Relay League Members, recently began operation around the four,900-5,000 kilocycle band.

According to T. Francis Jenkins, builder and operator on the station, members have reported receiving his radiomovies from points all more than the Middle West, as distant as Iowa.

Radiomovies may possibly be received more than a uncomplicated standard four-tube receiver, which may be built quickly by any amateur, along with the lately perfected "Jenkins Radiovisor" which the inventor has just thrown on the open market place.

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